Direct-to-Organ Drug Delivery – Opportunities, Challenges, and Ideas

18 September 2023 10:20 - 10:50

R&D pipeline across the biopharma industry is diversifying at rapid pace with new modalities and new class of drugs becoming significant part of their overall research strategy.  Increasingly we are observing a need for delivering drug locally in difficult to access anatomy such as heart, brain, spine, kidneys across different therapeutic areas including oncology, CNS, autoimmune and number of rare diseases. The preference will  always be to delivery these drugs with minimally invasive approach. Our team evaluated challenges involved in developing device technologies and new procedure for delivering such complex drugs localized to organs, tumours or tissues and developed innovative ideas and concepts that could be deployed in specific situations. This talk will focus on few select ideas and our thought process in design and development of such delivery platforms and procedures.

Harshal Shah, BioPharma Sector Head, Cambridge Consultants

Tim Phillips, Principal Human Factors Engineer, Cambridge Consultants