Patient-Centric Product Design & Digital Technology as Successful Inhalation Therapy Enablers

18 September 2023 17:20 - 17:50

  • High incidence of handling errors during administration of inhalation therapies are still reported.
  • Development of inhalation products that do not consider patient needs will fail.
  • Inhalation devices must be developed directly with the patients from early stage to commercialization, including feedback post market launch.
  • Patient centric drug product design together with digital technology will have a key role promoting successful inhalation therapy.
Modern patients are more than ever informed about their own health and equipped with evolving technology that support continuous and accurate data tracking regarding their own wellbeing. As a result, patients are expecting a new level of high-quality medicine, making a culture of patient-centric care imperative to both providers and patients. A medical environment that encourages consistent collaboration and clear communication between patients, families, and providers will benefit all parties involved. With regards to inhalation therapy, smart and digital inhalers can promote patient-centric care by supporting patients to be informed about their inhalation technique and administration success. When patients are given the opportunity to have easy access to their own health data and the power to research, they can make informed decisions about their own treatment options. This results in both improved outcomes and patient experience. Healthcare providers also have an opportunity to optimize and streamline internal processes, therefore reducing costs and better allocating resources.

Nélio Drumond, Associate Director, Lead Process Scientist, Global Manufacturing Sciences, Drug Product, Takeda