Model for Long-Acting Injectables

19 September 2023 08:20 - 09:05

  • Recently several long acting injectables have been developed as aqueous suspensions and nanosuspensions.
  • The presentation will show using depot technology map influence of solubility and depot dose on differentiated clustering of drug by technologies
  • Development and application of PK model to predict dose and release rate combinations needed for desired PK profile
  • Integration of dissolution rate-based prediction with PK for TI to identify what is the appropriate technology for depot candidate
Long acting injectables have been developed traditionally using a variety of different approaches such as oily solution, aqueous suspensions, gels, nanosuspensions and microspheres.  However, what molecular properties, physical chemical, and PK properties of a drug, are suitable for which technology to enable success is not established.  The presentation will provide a background on depot and show a model based on PK and physical chemical properties of drug to select the appropriate technology.  Ideally with the model, one can select the most likely LAI or depot technology that will provide sustained PK profile in vivo for a candidate with examples.

Jaymin Shah, Research Fellow and Head of Topical and Advanced Drug Delivery, Pfizer