Formulation of Hard-to-Stabilize Biopharmaceuticals

14:15 - 14:50

  • Recombumin® for the formulation of next generation therapeutics: While in many cases the use of sugars, amino acids and detergents are sufficient there are a number of more challenging biologics where traditional approaches still fail or are suboptimal.
  • Recombumin® the importance of a controlled process:  The lack of endogenous ligands guarantees batch-to-batch consistency and consequently performance reproducibility. Depending on the mechanism of albumin stabilisation we would expect a different influence of excipients, buffer components and, in case of serum derived HSA by endogenous ligand present. 
  • An example is the cryopreservation of stem cells: the viability of the stem cells was kept above the set release criteria for longer using AlbIX compared to HSA.

Dr Phil Morton, Chief Technology Officer, Albumedix