BEPO® - a Clinically Advanced Long Acting Injectable Technology that Enables Controlled, Systemic or Local Delivery to Address a Broad Range of Therapeutic Needs

15 December 2020 12:15 - 12:50

We will introduce BEPO®, a clinically advanced long-acting injectable proprietary technology with outstanding versatility. BEPO® is an in situ forming depot technology whereby a solvent-exchange process elicits the precipitation of the polymer upon injection, leading to the formation of a fully biodegradable drug releasing matrix in situ. Several BEPO® products have now reached the clinical stage targeting different indications and routes of administration.

Following the introduction of the scientific elements highlighting the tunability and maturity of our drug delivery platform, we will also present case studies to exemplify why and how BEPO® brings the flexibility to formulate a wide variety of APIs, from small molecule drugs to more complex biomacromolecules, and addresses various unmet medical needs for both emerging and developed countries alike.

Christophe Roberge, Senior Technology Advisor, MedinCell