Novel Nanotechnologies for Mucosal Delivery of Small Molecules and Biologics: Old Problems but New Solutions

11 September 2018 11:35 - 12:10

Within this lecture novel nanotechnologies utilizing just inactive ingredients that are included in approved drug products list provided by the FDA and for that a high freedom to operate is provided are highlighted. They all have the potential to overcome well-known hurdles being associated with mucosal and in particular oral delivery of small molecules and biologics. In detail the following formulation challenges and nanotechnologies to address them will be discussed:

  • How to overcome the polycation dilemma: Design of charge-converting nanocarriers exhibiting an anionic charge to reach their target cells in significant quantities and a cationic charge directly on the cellular membrane of their target to induce endocytosis or transcytosis
  • How to overcome the PEG dilemma: Advantages of virus-mimicking- and polyglycerol- coatings over PEG-coatings for nanocarriers
  • How to boost the potential of permeation enhancers up to 1000-fold: Introduction into a technology providing a synchronized release of APIs and permeation enhancers from nanocarriers

Andreas Bernkop- Schnurch, Professor, University of Innsbruck