Current Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Combination Products Biologics Delivery and Medical Devices

26 September 2022 14:20 - 14:50

  • Viscosity insights for effective drug delivery
  • Advances in digital health for patient adherence
  • Biologics delivery challenges and opportunities
  • Combination products development pathway to successful commercial products
The medical device industry today is a fast paced environment filled with application of new technologies and challenging integrated corporate collaborations. Combination products have brought the complexities of drug products to the medical device industry and have required the development of many new methods of drug delivery. The future brings digital device integration to simplify user interfaces and improve patient safety. Some technologies in this area are already in approved products.

Biologic drugs create delivery challenges with high viscosities. New electro-mechanical devices have started to meet these challenges. Pre-filled syringe and cartridge systems have been developed to optimize torque and the forces required to move the drug through small diameter needles or directly through the skin. New on-body systems have addressed these user needs and have been developed into platform products that include large volumes.

SaMD is active in the combination product world and in the diagnostics area for monitoring sleep and other biorhythms. Digital-Device combinations are more common now in the consumer product area. As we meet the challenges to integrate advanced digital systems into medical devices we will improve the standard of care not only in the health care industry but also at home!

James Leamon, Director, Biologics Device Development , Jazz Pharmaceuticals