Opportunity and Challenges with Large Volume Subcutaneous Drug Delivery

26 September 2022 16:50 - 17:20

  • Trend with Biologics Drug Delivery
  • Opportunities with Large Volume Subcutaneous Drug Delivery
  • Technology/Product Landscape
  • Existing Challenges and some potential solutions
  • Conclusion
Biologics drug delivery has been driven by the trends towards self-administration, accelerated momentum behind biologics, differentiation in more competitive markets and patent expiration of certain block buster drug.   Large volume subcutaneous injector offers unique value due to its capability to deliver a large volume in a patient friendly way.   This presentation will start with a review of current technology and product landscape.  Then, the focus of the discussion will be on some known challenges with large volume subcutaneous delivery and potential solutions.

Ning Yu, Director & Head of Device Development, Biogen