Patient-Centric Device Solutions for Subcutaneous Biopharmaceutical Delivery

26 September 2022 10:20 - 10:50

  • On-body drug delivery devices
  • Cartridge-based autoinjector
  • Subcutaneous drug delivery devices for home use
  • Biologics and monoclonal antibodies injection
  • Device connectivity
  • Small volume (< 3 ml) to large volume (> 10 ml) s.c. drug delivery
Safe, reliable and easy application at home or home-like environments are the main needs when it comes to developing drug delivery devices in near future. Furthermore, better adherence monitoring and patient compliance are demanding a more complex device functionality such as connectivity features. With focus on the individual needs of patients, healthcare professionals as well as pharmaceutical companies for certain therapeutic areas such as oncology, immune system disorders or chronic diseases, Gerresheimer device solutions are specifically tailored to fulfill the requirements for biopharmaceuticals. The cartridge-based Gerresheimer autoinjector for biologics covers a broad range of injection volume from 1.5 to 3ml. The SensAIR technology is designed to address injection of larger volumes up to 20 ml with an on-body device. Both devices enable the injection of large molecule biopharmaceuticals over a desired application time.

Dr. Ingo Waschulewski, Business Development & Sales Manager, Gerresheimer AG