Perspectives on Advancements in Formulation, Drug Delivery and Devices for Biologics

26 September 2022 08:35 - 09:05

  • Patient centricity driving dosage form design and lifecycle improvements
  • Current and future direction of parenteral delivery devices
  • A multitude of approaches to solving the high dose delivery problem
  • Novel routes of administration and long-acting formulations
  • Formulation and drug delivery of new and novel modalities

Patient centric design of dosage forms is essential for product positioning in the marketplace and commercial success.  Aspects of biologics administration have become well-established, and the focus is on efficient and rapid development.  Key scientific challenges remain and are associated with formulation technologies and drug delivery systems that will improve the patient experience and enable delivery of an increasing diversity of biologics modalities.

Donna French, Vice President, Dosage Form Design & Development, AstraZeneca