The dynamic, motile and deformative properties of RNA nanoparticles lead to efficient tumor vasculature targeting , fast renal excretion and rapid body clearance

26 September 2022 13:50 - 14:25

  • RNA nanoparticles are motile, dynamic and deformative materials that enable them to squeeze themselves through capillary to reach cancer vasculature & through the kidney glomerulus to quickly enter the urine
  • RNA nanoparticles can reach tumors fast facilitate by both the passive (amoeba property) and active (ligand-assisted) cancer-targeting effect. The fast and high efficient tumor targeting leads to high efficiency
  • The fast renal excretion and rapid body clearance resulted in low or no toxicity. The negative charge of RNA nanoparticles makes them not bind to the normal cell and not enter the organs
  • The 20-30 nm in size ensure that they are not grasped by macrophages, thus reaching the tumor efficiently
  • RNA nanoparticles can make Insoluble natural or chemical drugs soluble

Professor Peixuan Guo, Sylvan Frank Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, The Ohio State University