Alternative Routes of Administration for ADCs

27 September 2022 11:40 - 12:10

  • Rationale for alternative, non-intravenous routes of administration for ADCs
  • Unique challenges for delivery of ADCs in comparison to other modalities
  • Alternative dosage form insights that can be drawn from small biologics and biologics
  • Case studies for alternative routes of administration of ADCs
  • What does the future hold for ADC delivery?
Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) have rapidly grown in prominence across clinical development pipelines and as commercial products over the past decade, specifically in oncology. These complex molecules offer tremendous potential to combine the advantages of two separate modalities – monoclonal antibody and cytotoxic small molecules – leveraging both the ability to have an antigen-targeted therapy with a highly potent cytotoxic payload. This talk will discuss alternative routes of administration and alternative dosage forms of ADCs to mirror their growing clinical and commercial maturity, and the unique challenges and opportunities in moving away from a purely intravenous delivery model.

Stefan Yohe, Director, Delivery & Device , Seagen Inc.