Enhancing Patient-Centricity During Product Development

27 September 2022 11:40 - 12:10

  • Defining and integrating a human-centred perspective into our innovation and product development process
  • Creating and strengthening processes for defining use cases and understanding user need
  • Eliminating knowledge gaps to make data-driven decisions by better understanding the link between insights and potential downstream impact.
  • Challenges with implementation of a patient centric approach to product development.
  • Making the best selection for each program; striking a balance between desirability, feasibility, and viability
The healthcare landscape continues to evolve. Patients are playing larger roles in their own disease management, drug technology, including formulation, device capabilities, and administration modalities, are changing drug delivery and patient experiences, and market competition is stronger than ever amidst a complex ecosystem of stakeholders (i.e., HCPs, payers, etc.). By understanding the key stakeholder’s needs, we can optimize product solutions to deliver the best “blended value” for success.

Casey Dean, Manager, Device Development, Tolmar