Targeted delivery of pharmacological agents in the vascular system

27 September 2022 09:40 - 10:15

  • DDS targeting to endothelium lining vasculature evolving as an efficient, specific and multifaceted drug delivery paradigm
  • Coupling drugs to blood cells, in particular RBC and WBC, cardinally alters pharmacokinetics and effect of drugs
  • Blood cells can transport drugs to endothelial cells in selected areas of the vascular system
  • These approaches enable unprecedented degree of precision and efficacy of delivery and action of drugs in lungs, brain and other organs, targets of therapeutic interventions

Vladimir Muzykantov, MD, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine Vice-Chair, Department of Pharmacology Director, Center for Targeted Therapeutics & Translational Nanomedicine, University of Pennsylvania The Perelman School of Medicine